is an Industry standard QR solution for all your tracking needs.
Use it to keep track on your Pets, Vehicle, Personal Items, Internet, File, Events and so on. We even make it printable for you on all your platforms say shirts/ cups/ stickers.
  is your helping hand to manage your products and helps you track them in case of losing them.
Start with basic complementary service of tags and if you like it, If you like it, switch to premium service which includes bulk tag creation. We offer Personal, Pet, Item, Vehicle, Internet, File, Text, Event tags.
 offers founder of any QR tagged item to be in touch with the owner.
In case of a lost product is found by someone, he scans it, and you are informed immediately for scanner's location. Scanner, on the other hand, is informed about information you entered while creating QR tag given to let him contact you/ get more information.
 lets you analyze list of items lost and scanned.
It gives you a geographical view, IP & the platform(OS/ mobile) from where they have been scanned. Please register to see host of other analytic features. We even let you know the platforms from where they were access including the IP addresses. We offer founder of your lost thing to get access of your contact info to let you be informed.

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