What is a QR Code?

A QR (Quick Response) code is a kind of 2-D (two-dimensional) barcode. It was created by Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave in 1994, the QR code is one of the most popular types of two-dimensional barcodes.

How does it Work?

It’s very simple to generate your own codes and read them. For generation of a code, just type in what you want to include at our QR code generator and it will generate the corresponding image for you. Scan the code to get connected to our portal and retrieve information without the need of typing anything. "Scanning the code" throughout our website is not meant by physical scanning. Just point your mobile camera towards the code image after opening our App. This process is called scanning.

Can I change the colors of an QR code generated by TracerR?

Contrast is the most important factor when reading a code so we recommend that the colors remain black on white or vice versa. However, it is recommended to do so in co-ordinance with TracerR.

Can I place a logo or other artwork over the 2D code?

A part within a QR Code can be customized for branding. It is not normally encouraged because it reduces the error handling capability of a QR Code. However, even then if you require to embed some artwork, logo or design, then we assist you achieving that with the least possible reduction in error handling capability. While printing, a two pixels of white space is needed to be provided around the code.

How do people know what to do when they see a QR Code?

The QR Codes are gaining popularity among people and will eventually be a widely recognized symbol that signifies mobile content to the public. Until then you'll want to clearly communicate what the code does and how to get it.

Are people charged for scanning QR Codes with their phone?

TracerR needs a data connection on the phone in order to execute an action from a QR Code. Standard data charges will apply to the user depending on their data plan, but the cost is minimal. To be more specific, each scan delivers about 250 bytes of data which would cost the user less than a penny if they do not have a data plan. After the QR code has triggered an action, like opening a website, normal data costs will be incurred.

Will the TracerR data give me the user's name and phone number?

TracerR does not collect any personal identification information such as name, phone number or email address. All of this can be collected if the user "opts-in" after they scan a code. For example, an SMS code can initiate a text conversation or simply ask the user to enter their info on a web page. However under the Analytics Section, TracerR shows the demographics of the scanned codes.

Is my mobile phone supported?

We support a wide range of mobile phones and platforms.

What type of codes can I publish?

There are a variety of codes available at the code generation portal. Kindly choose one as per your requirement.

How can I Merchandise with TracerR?

We believe in creating a win-win situation. If you think partnering with TracerR can add value to your investments, we’d love to hear your ideas and share ours. Please contact us for more details.